Mrs. Pennybutton


Everywhere you go, everyone you see, they’ve all attended Mrs. Pennybutton’s class. Yes, you, too! We’ve all been her students, receiving the same knowledge and guidance that any soul could ever require in order to fully-enjoy their time on Earth. But some of us (okay, most of us) have forgotten what this wise angel taught.

The secrets Mrs. Pennybutton imparts are our last recollection in the great beyond before we’re born into this life. Everyone who is, was, or ever shall be attends this lecture; it’s a Divine requirement.

So, come, take your assigned seat in her classroom and go back to that time when you ‘knew everything there was to know about everything there is to know’. Then, from that place, hear again the Gifts of Guidance this beloved angel shares, the ones that promise us the best life imaginable.

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